Why am I unable to receive any emails?

Why am I unable to receive any emails?

Postby admin » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:54 am

A common cause of this error is usually due to a router or firewall preventing incoming connections (the incoming mail). If this is the case then read the next question below. To receive incoming mail, you need to ensure that your domain's MX records are configured correctly. For example, code-crafters.com is our email domain and mail.code-crafters.com is the host address of the computer which receives our incoming mail. To ensure the correct computer receives the mail, we have placed mail.code-crafters.com at the top of our MX record list and have given it the lowest value priority level (the lowest value entry is used first). It is then also important that port 25 on the computer running Ability Mail Server is open and accessible from the Internet. This can be tested by asking a friend to telnet port 25 on your computer from another computer on the Internet (they should type "telnet yourip 25" into an MS-DOS prompt or Command Console). This will cause their computer to connect directly to the incoming mail part of the software and they should see some kind of welcome message. If they do not receive any response, it is likely that your ISP is blocking port 25. Read more.
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