AVG Anti Virus - Anyone having success?

AVG Anti Virus - Anyone having success?

Postby centralusa » Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:15 pm

We have tried each version of AVG Network Edition on our server as they have been released and always have to disable it after 24 hrs or less. Is anyone having any real success using it with AMS? If so please share your settings, we basically have to run AMS without virus protection as we have tried others also and can't get reliability with virus protection running. AVG used to spike processor to 100% constantly, it seems either 2.70 or 8.5 AVG have eased this but now we just came in to a night of angry customers as after a certain point AMS started doing a 100% false positive on almost every incoming email and stripping the body and replacing it with a virus message where no virus or even attachment were present. This of course make it unusable and we had to disable it again, we run weekly scan of the config directory and always find 100's of virus's so know we are living very dangerously using this method. I would love to get settings others may be using to get AVG to reliably work with AMS.

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