Plans for TLS 1.3 Support?

Plans for TLS 1.3 Support?

Postby EKjellquist » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:14 pm

OpenSSL has finally released 1.1.1 alpha to include TLS 1.3, currently (finally) in last call, so it should finally be a released standard soon. Chrome is planning to begin marking all HTTP sites as 'not secure' with version 68 in july and the PCI compliance standard deprecates TLS 1.0, etc, etc (

Any timeframe on when we could expect TLS 1.3 support?
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Re: Plans for TLS 1.3 Support?

Postby Code Crafters » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:20 pm

We are currently using 1.0.2n and not the newer 1.1.x versions which are of a different format and quite a shift in our code to support them. We will see if TLS 1.3 is supported in the 1.0.x series and if so will add it as an option to Ability Mail Server and Ability FTP Server. If only the newer libraries support it, we will look to implement these but this will require more implementation and testing. Also, this is only in alpha stage at the moment.

We allow all SSL modes to be configured by you so you can select TLS 1.2 which should still continue to be supported for a while. The later versions of TLS are often less compatible with clients (browsers, outlook etc.) so we make the option configurable so you can select the newest TLS version that's compatible with your clients.
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